The Astera Helios Tube is a scaled down version of the Titan Tube. Ideal for film-makers, TV studios and any creative person.

It emits a powerful, variable white with ultra-high colour rendering, as well as coloured light that can be applied to individual pixels or the entire tube. The tube offers an unlimited range of use; indoor or outdoor, AC or battery powered, while operating with AsteraApp, wired or wireless DMX.

It has 8 pixels that can be controlled individually. It offers ultra-brightness when emitting white for 2 hours or when connected to AC.


  • Detect all available lights, configure them, check their status, set up directions and DMX profiles
  • Quickly create programmes from colours and effects, activate them or match them to a beat
  • Possibility to put the tube in energy-saving standby mode and to program it to activate when production starts
  • Anti-theft. The lights have both visual and audible alarms and send notifications to the Astera App if they are moved during an event.
  • Dynamic PowerBoost. This unique feature enables the light to display maximum brightness at all times and intensify non-white colours.
  • DJ Feature. Auto BPM analyses the beat and corresponding programmes, flash buttons can trigger special effects while held down.
  • TruColor Calibration. The individually calibrated lights enable 100% colour consistency and accurate colour rendition with their colour temperature and filter gels.
  • Set the duration of production and make sure your lights don’t run out while you get maximum brightness
  • The AsteraApp includes many additional elements and new features are frequently added via software updates



Type of light LED
Light output 1,340 lumens
Total LED power 36W
Optical degrees 120º
Pixels 8
Number of LEDs 5 LEDs; Red, Green, Blue, Mint and Amber
Colour mixing RGBAW
Type of IP rating IP65
Battery Up to 20h duration
Charging time 3 hours charging time
Working temperature 0 – 40ºC
Weight 0.765Kg
Dimensions Ø 42 x 550mm